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With so many different ways to insure yourself, it can be difficult at first glance to find the right plan for your needs. We’ve prepared this helpful chart below to help you quickly and effectively compare the types of life insurance available to you. This information serves as a guideline, and the particulars of each plan vary from insurer to insurer.

Type of InsuranceLength of ProtectionAge EligibilityCoverage AmountsHow to QualifyAdditional Information
No Medical Term Life1 Year to 20 Year TermsAge 0 to Age 75$1,000 to $300,000A little as one question about your health.Terms are renewable without a medical exam. Coverage is guaranteed for the term chosen.
No Medical Permanent LifeEither up to around age 85, or for lifeAges 0 to 65$1,000 to $100,000As little as two to five questions about your health.Coverage and premiums are typically guaranteed for life. Cash values are available on some plans.
Guaranteed Issue LifeFor LifeAges 40 to 80$2,500 to $25,000No exam or health questions. Acceptance is guaranteed.Coverage and premiums guaranteed for life. Most of these plans have a two year deferral period.
Traditional Life Insurance1 to 35 year Terms, to Age 100 or for lifeAges 0 to 80$1,000 to $5 millionFull medical underwriting. You may be denied coverage if you have health or insurance issues.Coverage and premiums are guaranteed for chosen period. You must submit to a full medical exam in order to qualify for life insurance.
Simplified Life Insurance10 to 30 year terms, or to Age 100.Ages 18 to 75$5,000 to $250,000Under certain amounts, no medical exam is necessary. These plans often have extensive health questionnaires.Coverage and premiums are guaranteed for the period chosen. These plans typically offer more options for additional insurance such as critical illness or disability protection.

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