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No Medical Permanent Life Insurance Available in Manitoba

For Manitobans who have a pre-existing health condition, finding affordable and accessible coverage can be difficult. We understand the challenge that can come with finding the right life insurance plan, which is why we’re specialists in the no medical life insurance market.

Our goal is to make life insurance more straightforward, affordable, and available to more Canadians than ever before. We offer no medical permanent life insurance plans that allow Canadians, no matter their health, with an option for lifelong insurance coverage.


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

Why no medical permanent life insurance?

Many factors can impact your eligibility for life insurance coverage:

But what stops most Canadians from finding their ideal life insurance plan is if they have a pre-existing condition or a family history of medical problems. These are often some of the most common reasons Canadians in Manitoba struggle to be eligible for a traditional life insurance plan or find one at a reasonable cost.

Why should you get a no medical permanent life insurance plan?

If you need lifelong coverage but are worried about applying for a plan because of a health issue, a no medical permanent life insurance plan is your best option.

A permanent life insurance plan can help provide financial security to the people who mean the most to you by:

Leaving a legacy that your loved ones can benefit from

Pay for your final expenses and estate taxes

Keep your home in your family’s hands by covering mortgage costs

Guaranteeing the survival of your business and allowing it to pass on to business partners or family members easily.

No medical permanent life insurance is reliable coverage for life. Once you purchased it, you don't have to worry about it. Permanent life insurance is the ideal solution for Manitoba residents to ensure their family is protected. Our team of licensed advisors has already helped thousands in Manitoba find their no medical plan and provide financial security to their loved ones. We’re ready to help you too!

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