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No Medical Permanent Life Insurance Available in Ontario

Ontario residents with family members and other dependents need the right life insurance plan on their side to ensure the financial futures of the people who matter most in life. But traditional life insurance plans can make this goal difficult for many Ontarians with pre-existing medical conditions or a family history of illnesses.

By offering a no medical permanent life insurance plan, we're providing coverage to more Ontarians than ever before. Our goal is to ensure that no matter what your medical condition is, we can provide a coverage option to you. Our no medical permanent life insurance plans are ideal for:

  • People looking to cover their final expenses and save their families from covering those costs
  • Seniors who want to leave a nice amount of money for their heirs to help them even if they are no longer around
  • Young families who want the peace of mind of a lifetime policy
  • People with pre-existing conditions or who have been declined in the past
  • Anyone who wants financial protection quickly

Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

What is permanent life insurance without a medical exam?

Our no medical permanent life insurance plan is one of Ontario’s most straightforward life insurance solutions. It combines a quick and easy application process with reliable and affordable coverage that fit’s into any budget. Some other benefits include:

Lifelong, reliable coverage that is always there when your loved ones need protection

Guaranteed tax-free death benefits that help cover remaining debts and other costs

Coverage as high as $200,000, depending on the plan

No medical exam is ever required to apply

Coverage is tailored to your health and circumstances

The payment is entirely tax-free

Your beneficiaries will receive the plan’s benefit directly after a claim

Quick issue coverage that provides you with your active plan in days, not weeks

Protect your loved ones today with a no medical permanent life insurance plan. Join the thousands of Ontario residents who have put their trust in us by requesting a free no-obligation quote now.

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