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No Medical Permanent Life Insurance Available in Saskatchewan

If you've ever had to go through medical exams to qualify for permanent life insurance, you may have a general idea about how time-consuming this requirement can be. Even the most minor pre-existing condition can trigger higher premiums or even a denial of coverage with traditional life insurance plans.

You can avoid this headache with our no medical permanent life insurance plan. We’ve seen many residents in Saskatchewan struggle with traditional coverage options, especially those with a pre-existing condition or family history of health issues. That is why we are entirely focused on providing no medical life insurance options to provide more Canadians with access to reliable and affordable coverage.


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

What no medical permanent life insurance can help cover

The need for life insurance changes from person to person and depending on life stages. Our no medical permanent life insurance plan can help with any need and provide reliable coverage for life - no matter your health status or your financial needs.

We can help you ensure any debt is covered if something happens to you, including:

What are the benefits of our no medical permanent life insurance for residents of Saskatchewan?

Our no medical permanent life insurance comes in two distinct offerings - guaranteed life insurance and simplified life insurance. Both require no medical exams to apply and use the same straightforward and quick application process. They also offer benefits like:

Tax-free benefits that are available for life

Lifelong, reliable coverage

Up to $200,000 in benefit amounts, depending on the plan

No face-to-face meetings with agents or the need to schedule appointments

No mountains of paperwork to complete when you apply

These benefits make our no medical permanent life insurance the ideal solution for Saskatchewan residents who want lifetime financial security in comprehensive, easy-to-budget coverage.

We’ve helped thousands in Saskatchewan find their ideal coverage option, even with pre-existing conditions. If you are ready to start discovering your options and get a free no-obligation quote, please complete our short free quote form now!

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