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No Medical Life Insurance for Alberta Made Easy

Life insurance is an essential financial tool to protect your family if something were to happen to you. If you were to pass away tomorrow, would your family have enough to maintain the same quality of life? Or would they have to give up their home, so they wouldn't struggle with the bills they now have to face alone? Would they inherit your debts?

Life insurance is a must for anyone whose loss of income would directly impact their loved ones. Many people could benefit from a no medical life insurance plan, including:

  • Single parents or young couples who would like to leave a significant amount of money to their children
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to ensure the security of their business, even if something happens to them
  • Seniors who want to cover their final expenses such as funeral costs or medical bills

Whatever your situation is, if your family depends on your income, pay close attention to what follows.


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

A simplified plan for Alberta residents

We looked at the Canadian life insurance market and found that Alberta residents needed a life insurance solution that is quick and easy to understand. So we've removed all the barriers typically found in life insurance plans and made coverage more accessible.

Our life insurance offer includes two types of policies:

Our life insurance plans are no medical exam policies, which means there are never any medical exams required when you apply. We also don’t require you to complete mountains of paperwork or meet face-to-face with an agent at any point during the application process.

With us, you save time and, therefore, money!

We guarantee you:

Tax-free benefit amounts

Fast approval times

Coverage even with a pre-existing condition

A short and straightforward medical questionnaire without ambiguity

Tax-free benefit amounts that go directly to your beneficiaries

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