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No Medical Permanent Life Insurance

Developments in the life insurance industry have led to the rise of No Medical Life Insurance, which has found its place as the right solution for thousands of Canadians who otherwise would be unable to find any protection for themselves and their loved ones.

What Is No Medical Permanent Life Insurance?

No Medical Permanent Life Insurance provides protection permanently, with premiums that are guaranteed to remain level from the day you start your policy.

Types of No Medical Permanent Life Insurance

There are two major types of permanent life insurance that do not require a medical exam in order to qualify for:

Simplified Whole Life Insurance - You do not need to undergo a medical exam in order to qualify, you just need to answer some questions about your health. Coverage amounts may go as high as $200,000 on select plans.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance - Designed for individuals settling their final affairs, this is a life insurance policy that you cannot be denied for, with no medical exam or even health questions. Coverage limits on this policy typically go as high as $25,000.

We work directly with some of the largest providers of No Medical Permanent Life Insurance such as BMO, Sun Life, ivari and many more. Whether you’re looking for modest coverage, or to secure larger financial obligations, we offer a range of life insurance plans to ensure your needs are met.


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance