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Cancer & Life Insurance

Whether you are a cancer survivor or are currently battling the disease, you have more options for life insurance coverage than you may think. Depending on the active steps a cancer survivor is taking to remain healthy, he or she can be eligible for a wide variety of traditional life plans. There are also specialized policies available for those who are currently battling the disease and undergoing cancer treatment.

What Are Your Life Insurance Options When Living with Cancer and as a Survivor?

As a survivor, your insurer is going to want to know certain factors about your past diagnosis. These details can include the treatments you underwent, the stage and grade of cancer you had, and how long you've been in remission.

In order to prepare for this, here are some helpful strategies to give you a better chance at obtaining lower rate coverage:

  • Always have all medical records gathered beforehand. These should include treatment reports, prescriptions, and pathology reports.
  • Make sure you are following up with your physician and are carrying out his or her medical recommendations.
  • Provide your doctor's information so he or she can be reached and speak about your progress and the steps you are taking.

If you have a serious cancer diagnosis and are in need coverage, a Guaranteed Issue plan is your best option. This plan requires no medical exam or questionnaire, meaning your current health status and the treatments you are undergoing have no effect on your coverage eligibility.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance can be ideal if your cancer is more manageable and less severe. This plan is typically less expensive than a Guaranteed Issue policy because it does require you to fill out a health questionnaire in order to be considered eligible.

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