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COPD & Life Insurance

One of the primary health risks of prolonged smoking, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (or COPD) is also an incurable ailment that can be enormously difficult to manage. As the symptoms of COPD persist for life, it can be difficult if not impossible for applicants to qualify for life insurance through traditional means.

What Are Your Life Insurance Options for those with COPD?

The primary means applicants can ensure they can qualify for life insurance at the lowest possible rate is to cease smoking immediately. COPD sufferers, even those who have been diagnosed as a result of their smoking, can qualify for non-smoker rates if they have ceased using nicotine products for 12 months prior to application.

As COPD is a progressive disorder, relatively mild symptoms can still be covered under most No Medical Life Insurance plans if it can be demonstrated that the condition is being managed effectively. For individuals with moderate-to-severe COPD, Guaranteed Life Insurance may also be a viable option as it does not take the symptoms of COPD into account when determining eligibility or rates. It is still, however, recommended to qualify under non-smoking rates to get the most affordable coverage possible.

How We Can Help?

At No Medical Life, we work with over 20 of Canada's largest insurers such as BMO, RBC, Sun Life and many more. Our unique approach to life insurance lets us help individuals get accepted for fair and affordable coverage, even if they live with COPD. Use our Free Quote form and join the thousands of Canadians who have discovered their options with No Medical Life Insurance.


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