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Diabetes & Life Insurance

For the many people affected by diabetes, getting properly insured can seem like a difficult task. But getting coverage with diabetes is not impossible, especially if you have your particular type under control.

A majority of life insurance companies offer policies that can fit the needs of someone who is diabetic. Whether you have your condition under control or not, there are options available to get your family the coverage they deserve.

What Are Your Insurance Options When Living with Diabetes?

The best way to try and qualify for traditional coverage is to show that you've been following up with medical appointments and properly managing your condition. Here are some helpful tips to improve your chances of getting insured with a standard life insurance policy:

  • Practice healthier eating and start exercising regularly.
  • Have your updated medical records available as these will detail the progress you are making to keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep all of your prescription documentation organized and at the ready and show that you have been following up with your treatments.
  • Stay away from forms of tobacco and alcohol consumption.
  • A no medical life insurance plan is the next best option if you have struggled to gain control over your diabetes. With either a Guaranteed Issue or Simplified Issue life policy, you'll avoid the traditional medical exam and be accepted immediately or after a short medical questionnaire.

How Can We Help?

At No Medical Life, we work with over 20 leading Canadian Providers to help you find your ideal plan. We help individuals get accepted for reliable coverage at an affordable price, no matter their current health or medical history. Discover your No Medical coverage options now by using our fast and free quote form.


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