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Hepatitis & Life Insurance

As with other adverse health conditions, applying for life insurance while diagnosed with a type of hepatitis can be difficult. The deteriorating effects the disease can have on the liver may lead to more serious issues like liver failure and cirrhosis. It's mainly because of this risk alone that many people with hepatitis believe they cannot be covered.

But there are life insurance options available for those who suffer from hepatitis. Whether you have a more serious case like hepatitis C or a milder case of hepatitis A, if you work with the right insurer you can find the coverage you are looking for.

What Are Your Life Insurance Options When Living with Hepatitis?

Applying for traditional coverage is possible for people with less severe cases, but you need to be absolutely clear on your condition and the steps you are taking to manage it. This would include having all relevant medical documentation and your doctors contact information should the insurer have any questions.

Applying for a No Medical Life Insurance plan is a good option for those who have experienced minor to severe liver damage from any form of the disease. Those with hepatitis C may also want to consider a No Medical plan because of the greater chances of liver damage they may face.

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At No Medical Life, we work with over 20 leading Canadian Providers to help you find your ideal plan. We help individuals get accepted for reliable coverage at an affordable price, no matter their current health or medical history. Discover your No Medical coverage options now by using our fast and free quote form.


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