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HIV & Life Insurance

In the past, HIV was seen as a terminal illness leaving those affected by it without any hope to be properly insured. But today the disease is much more manageable and people with HIV are living much more fulfilling and longer lives. Fortunately, HIV no longer stops people from being eligible for the protection life insurance can bring to their family.

The best way to begin finding the right coverage for yourself is to work with independent specialists who can guide you to the proper plan. We work with over 20 leading Canadian providers and can compare multiple plans to ensure you are being properly protected.

What Are Your Life Insurance Options When Living with HIV?

Typically, traditional life insurance policies like term and permanent are not readily available for most people with HIV, but that doesn’t mean you are out of options. The best option for someone with the condition is a No Medical Life Insurance policy.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is a No Medical life plan that doesn’t require either a medical exam or health questionnaire for eligibility. Since being diagnosed with HIV can mean facing multiple treatments and doctor visits, a Guaranteed Issue plan is a great option for those with a more severe diagnosis.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance also doesn’t require a medical exam, but it does involve a simple health questionnaire for eligibility. This questionnaire can vary in length depending on your treatment methods and how long ago you were diagnosed.

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At No Medical Life, we work with over 20 leading Canadian Providers to help you find your ideal plan. We help individuals get accepted for reliable coverage at an affordable price, no matter their current health or medical history. Discover your No Medical coverage options now by using our fast and free quote form.


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