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No Medical Life Insurance for Newfoundland and Labrador Made Easy

We've been in the life insurance business for over a decade. We’ve seen how Canadians with a medical condition in Newfoundland and Labrador have struggled to get proper life insurance coverage during this time. So, we’ve decided to make life insurance much more accessible for people with medical conditions or those with a family history of illness.

Our no medical life insurance options remove the most significant barrier to applying for coverage, the medical exam. By doing this, we’re allowing more people to get the coverage they need for the people who matter most to them.

How do our no medical life insurance plans work exactly?


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

We have a simplified application process that requires:

No medical exams

No doctor or nurse visits

No face-to-face meetings with agents

No mountains of paperwork to complete

This straightforward approach loosens requirements for coverage, streamlines the overall application, and gets people who’ve been denied in the past the coverage they deserve.

Affordable coverage even with pre-existing conditions

We know as well as you do that someone with no personal or family health history is a rare occurrence these days. So we know the risks of being turned down for life insurance. With traditional life insurance, you can easily face an application denial or incredibly high premiums if you have a pre-existing condition like:

With our no medical life insurance plans, these conditions cannot stop you from finding the coverage you need for your loved ones. Whether you need a term life insurance plan or a permanent life insurance policy, we have no medical exam options for both that can work for any need and budget.

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