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No Medical Life Insurance for Nova Scotia Made Easy

Have you ever been declined life insurance in the past due to a medical condition? Are you still without a plan to cover your loved ones in case something happens to you? We specialize in no medical life insurance and help Nova Scotia residents get the coverage they need, no matter their medical circumstances.


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

Here are the benefits of our service:

No denials for health reasons

Discounts for non-smokers

Wide range of term and permanent no medical life insurance options

Affordable premiums

Plans that are available up to age 80

A wide selection of no medical exam life insurance policies

We lead changing and complex lives, which is why we believe in offering a wide range of products. The more choices you have, the better the decision to protect your family, and the more satisfied you will be. That is why we are partnered with leading Canadian insurers to provide you with the most up-to-date no medical life insurance options. We offer two distinct plan types:

These plans can help with several financial situations after you pass away, including:

We’ve helped thousands in Nova Scotia get the affordable no medical life insurance plan that they needed for their loved ones. Our dedicated and licensed advisors are always available to help you with your plan needs, make recommendations, and provide life insurance advice.

If you would like to discover your no medical life insurance options now, please complete our short free quote form.

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