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No Medical Life Insurance for Ontario Made Easy

Many Canadians in Ontario have significant debts that could be an enormous financial burden to leave behind for loved ones. Whether it is a mortgage, lines of credit, or you just want to ensure your children have access to education; a life insurance plan can help. But with many Ontarians having a pre-existing medical condition, finding an affordable plan can be incredibly challenging.

We specialize in no medical exam life insurance, which means we can provide you with straightforward and affordable coverage. Some of the main benefits of our plans include:

You never have to undergo a medical exam when you apply.

The process is incredibly fast, with no face-to-face agent meetings required

There is no mountain of paperwork to complete to simply apply for a free quote.

We believe ensuring the protection and security of your loved ones should be easy!


Key Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

No medical life insurance plans: temporary or permanent?

We are partnered with leading Canadian life insurance companies and can offer the latest no medical life insurance plans on the market. These plans provide complete protection even if you have a pre-existing condition or if you have been denied coverage in the past. We specialize in two forms of no medical life insurance:

Term life insurance allows you to ensure your short-term debts are covered if something happens to you. This plan is excellent for covering a mortgage or ensuring your children are financially stable up to adulthood.

Permanent life insurance allows you to benefit from lifetime protection with affordable premiums for life. These plans are tailored for individuals who want to have reliable financial security for life and those looking to have their final expenses covered.

Whether you're a senior, a young couple with children, a single parent, an entrepreneur, or an active young adult, we have a quick, easy, and reliable no medical life insurance solution for any Ontario resident.

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