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Stroke & Life Insurance

A stroke can have a dramatic impact on your way of life, resulting not only in life-threatening trauma but also potentially years of rehabilitation. The effects of a stroke can last for years, and can affect anything from speech to vision to basic mobility. Strokes can manifest in varying degrees of severity, but are closely associated with negative medical history, which can make qualifying for traditional life insurance all but impossible.

What Are Your Life Insurance Options After a Stroke?

As advances in modern medicine have made the prognosis following a stroke better than ever, the biggest factor which determines your insurance options following a stroke is the recovery time since the stroke occurred.

While not all No Medical Life Insurance products are available to applicants following a stroke, many will qualify a stroke sufferer for coverage if they have gone through a recovery period without a secondary occurrence. The period you must wait before qualifying for a No Medical Plan varies based on the insurer, but is typically 2 to 3 years.

For individuals who are recovering from a massive stroke and who have other contributing health issues, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance may be a viable option, as acceptance is guaranteed regardless of the nature of the stroke. Exploring your options, however, will be able to match your health profile to the best plan on the market.

How We Can Help?

At No Medical Life, we work with over 20 of Canada's largest insurers such as BMO, RBC, Sun Life and many more. Our unique approach to life insurance lets us help individuals get accepted for fair and affordable coverage, even if they've suffered from a stroke in the past. Use our Free Quote form and join the thousands of Canadians who have discovered their options with No Medical Life Insurance.


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