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Depression & Life Insurance

Depression can come in several different forms, all of which can be incredibly painful to go through. Often times people are hospitalized due to the severity of their condition and it's because of this that they may feel ineligible for life insurance. If you suffer from depression and are in need of coverage, both forms of No Medical Life Insurance will offer reliable protection that you can easily apply for.

What Are Your Insurance Options When Living with Depression?

Having to obtain coverage while battling depression can be difficult, especially if you are seeking a traditional life insurance policy. Applying for these types of coverage can mean facing a rated policy or being declined outright. Rated policies can be strenuous as they add on a surplus premium associated with the extra risk you bring.

If you have a serious case of clinical depression and are worried about your treatment affecting your application, a Guaranteed Issue plan is your best option. This plan requires no medical exam or questionnaire, meaning your medical past and current health status will not hinder your eligibility.

A Simplified Issue plan is typically ideal should your case be milder and you want to avoid facing the possibility of rated traditional policies. There are no medical exams to go through and the only requirement for eligibility is a simple health questionnaire.

How Can We Help?

At No Medical Life, we work with over 20 leading Canadian Providers to help you find your ideal plan. We help individuals get accepted for reliable coverage at an affordable price, no matter their current health or medical history. Discover your No Medical coverage options now by using our fast and free quote form.


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