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What Are Your Life Insurance Options When Living with Heart Disease?

Navigating the route to acquiring life insurance with heart disease may seem like a labyrinth. But it doesn’t have to be. At No Medical Life, we simplify this journey with plans crafted to accommodate your specific situation. Let’s delve into our Simplified Issue Life Insurance and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance - specifically designed for individuals with heart disease like you.

  • Option 1: Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Our Simplified Issue policy is designed to facilitate individuals with heart disease like you through a less vigorous underwriting process; it only requires you to answer a few straightforward health questions. This plan is perfect if you’re managing your heart disease effectively and want to lead a worry-free lifestyle.

  • Option 2: Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Our Guaranteed Issue plan is personalized for individuals facing health complexities like heart disease. This plan involves no health-related questions or medical exams at all. So, regardless of the severity of your heart condition, you can still secure insurance coverage and enjoy true peace of mind.

Comparing Your Life Insurance Options

Choosing the right life insurance when living with heart disease doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this straightforward comparison of our Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance plans - to help you make a decision that offers you comprehensive coverage that suits your unique needs and lifestyle.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Designed for
Individuals with well-managed heart disease
Individuals with heart disease, regardless of the complexity of their condition
Health Questions
Yes, a few straightforward health questions
One health related question: “Have you been diagnosed with a life expectancy of 24 months or less, or are you in the hospital or terminally ill”
Medical Exams
No intensive medical exams required
No medical tests required at all
Eligibility Criteria
Depends on the responses to health questions
Open to anyone aged between 18-80, regardless of health condition
Application Process
Streamlined and quick for minimal waiting times
Simple and straightforward - no health or age-related barriers

Taking the time to understand and compare the specifics of each policy will assist you as a diabetic to select a plan that provides comprehensive coverage, tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

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